Our founders Tony Timpson and Grant Biel were practical pioneers who recognised the versatility and resilience of pure New Zealand wool. They believed this miracle fibre was something that simply must be shared, not just with New Zealanders but also the world.

This drove them to invent their very own tufting system, unpicking Grant’s favourite red jumper for the yarn they needed, to create their very first square of carpet perfection.

That piece of carpet perfection would make a lasting difference enriching homes and lives for generations to come.

Carpet for Homes

Although today’s tastes may be more sophisticated and choice seems to be endless, our commitment to providing the homemaker with the finest range of quality floor coverings still stands.

Every one of our residential products goes through the same rigorous process of development and precise manufacture as a bespoke order, to ensure the customer receives the carpet they desire.

Nobody else can offer the same level of quality, choice and colour off the peg.

At Bremworth we like to think there is no such thing as a ‘plain carpet!

Commercial Carpet

Carpet often constitutes the largest single decorative component in many commercial and leisure environments, and yet it is expected to perform on a complex technical level

At Bremworth we have found the perfect marriage of aesthetics and performance, state of the art machinery, dedicated professionals and a commitment to implement the highest standards of service.

Starting with a blank canvas, our dedicated design team can turn aspirations into bespoke carpets and bring the latest trends to stock ranges

Understanding our customers needs and expectations, place Bremworth  at the top of the carpet pile… style & performance with every step !

Why Bremworth Wool?

We only use New Zealand wool as it’s the best fibre in the world for high-performing flooring.

We specify the breed of the sheep, the fibre’s cleanliness, length, strength, diameter and colour needs to be able to meet our stringent quality standards.

We then craft our woollen yarn and tuft it into high-quality, premium carpets and rugs which quietly work away to enhance your home and health:

    The unique properties of wool can resist odours and help control moisture.
    Wool is naturally hypo-allergenic, which helps to cleanse the air of uncomfortable allergens.
    Unlike synthetic carpet, wool is naturally fire resistant, and offers a much greater level of fire safety than other fibres.
    Bremworth wool carpets naturally improve a room’s warmth and acoustics, helping your home stay quieter and cosier.
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