Godfrey Hirst

Introducing the new Eco+ Range.

Manufactured locally in Australia with renewable plant based ingredients, the Eco + range will change the way you think about flooring. Stronger than ever and manufactured using the fibre available this range offer unrivaled featured and benefits being stair wear and fade resistant and simply cleaned with just water. All while still proving a luxuriously soft fee.

Stronger than ever

The performance fibre

Permanent stain resistance is built into the core of each fibre that will never wear or wash off so you can clean most spills with just water. The spring-like triexta fibre molecules ensure your carpet will bounce back into shape after vacuuming, even after years of foot traffic.

The sustainable fibre

Eco+ carpet is manufactured locally in Australia from innovative triexta yarn, which is derived from renewable plant based ingredients.
The breakthrough triexta fibre technology means that no topical stain treatment is needed, and spills can be cleaned with just water for chemical free cleaning. Triexta also uses 20% less energy and releases 63% less greenhouse gases during fibre production (compared to nylon 6 production).


Godfrey Hirst Carpets has combined innovative carpet manufacturing with breakthrough polymer technology from DuPont™ to develop Godfrey Hirst eco+, the next generation carpet.

Made from natural corn sugar, the Sorona® polymer in Godfrey Hirst eco+ places less reliance on non-renewable resources and generates less greenhouse gases to produce than nylon.*

The Sorona® polymer in Godfrey Hirst eco+ is made by unlocking and harnessing the solar energy stored within corn and separating naturally occurring compounds

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